Terms and conditions

General provisions

1.1.These purchase regulations ( further “Regulations”) is a legally binding document outlining the Customer and Seller's rights and obligations, the acquisition of goods and payment for them in terms, delivery and return procedures, both sided responsibilities for item purchase on online store 3dstikle.lt provisions.
1.2.To purchase items on 3dstikle.lt e-shop is legally allowed any person who has reached adulthood, who’s actions are not limited upon law, as well as minors from 14 up t 18 years old, who have parents or a responsible representative, except the case if they dispose of their own income.
1.3.Customer, who has confirmed regulations, guarantees, on basis of regulation 1.2., that he has the right to purchase an item on 3dstikle.lt e-shop.
1.4. Contract between Customer and seller is considered to be ongoing/valid from the moment, when the Customer has formed an order to the item shopping cart, has provided delivery address, payment method and has been acknowledged about purchase regulations, and has pressed button “confirm order”.
1.5. Every contract between Customer and Seller is secure on 3dstikle.lt e-shop.

2. Personal information security

2.1. To order items on 3dstikle.lt e-shop Customer can perform registration online or by entering order’s necessary data information.
2.2.Registering 3dstikle.lt e-shop the Customer is obliged to provide right personal information. The Customer is responsible for providing the correct data.
2.3. By accepting these rules Customer confirms that he agrees, that personal information will be used to prepare the item and perform selling services through 3dstikle.lt e-shop. Seller performs analysis and The customer agrees as well, that provided costumer’s email address or phone number will be used to send information of approval, necessary for processing the order.
2.4. Customer, registered in the web shop without an ordered item, is responsible to protect and not disclose his personal data login.

3. Customer rights and liabilities

3.1. Customer has the right to buy the item on 3dstike.lt e-shop according to these rules or those indicated else where in this web shop procedures.
3.2. Customer agrees to accept an ordered item and provide the payment according to set price.
3.3. If customer’s personal information changes shall be specified and changed in the registration form. Customer is obliged to update it immediately.
3.4. Customer accepts not to share personal registration and login information with third parties. If customer lost his login data, he should inform the seller immediately.
3.5. Customer using 3dstikle.lt web shop agrees with those Customer-Seller rules and accepts to follow them according to Lithuanian legislation.

4. Sellers right and liabilities

4.1. Seller agrees to perform and provide all conditions for proper use of the customer's 3dstikle.lt online shopping services.
4.2. If the Customer harms stable work and security of 3dstikle.lt e-shop, violate his liabilities, perform orders, doesn't provide payment, can't be reached within indicated contact number or else how disturbs shop work or other related events which are connected with e-shop's social networks or any another space. Seller has the right to immediately and without warning to restrict, withdraw or suspend customer's ability to access 3dstikle.lt e-shop, doesn't perform his orders, deduct losses acquired, malignant customers will be brought to criminal responsibility.
4.3. Seller agrees to respect customer's privacy rights from Customer personal information data, which is indicated on 3dstikle.lt e-shop registration form and does not transmit/shares it to any third parties.
4.4. Seller agrees to deliver customer's ordered item to customer's indicated address.

5. Item ordering, prices, reporting procedure and terms

5.1. 3dstikle.lt web shop Customer can perform the order online all week days, including weekends, 24 hrs per day. Orders performed by phone, email wise can be registered during working hours of the shop.
5.2. Contract is considered to be valid from the moment, when the customer, performing his order online, presses Botton "confirm order", received invoice is approved by Seller and sends a confirmation letter to Customer's provided email, or other means (mobile number). Order is being proceeded from the moment of provided costumers payment.
5.3. Item's prices 3dstikle.lt web shop are displaced in euros, including VAT.
5.4.Customer may perform payment throughout internet banking Paysera system or in cash upon order approval.

6. Item delivery

6.1. The Customer, choosing delivery service, is committed to provide the exact place of delivery, postal code, specify the correct contact details, phone number.
6.2. The Customer undertakes the responsibility to receive the item personally. In case, if the Customer can not receive the item delivered to the address himself, the Customer has no right to bring claims against the seller for delivery to the wrong place.
6.3. The Customer undertakes the responsibility to receive the item the following day after receiving the receipt notification, confirming that he will receive the shipment the following day. In case if the shipment is not received or not accepted, the item is brought back for repeated delivery. For repeated delivery or shipment the seller has the right to charge the Customer additionally, if for this delivery will be added additional cost.
6.4. Item is delivered by the seller, Seller authorized representative (courier) or Customer picks up the item “3D Stikle” studio, depending on which type of delivery services has been chosen by the Customer.
6.5. Seller can apply discounts for delivery if Customer has exceeded order’s prescribed amount.
6.6. Seller delivers the item to the Customer in accordance with the order formation of the above terms. In exceptional cases, the delivery may be delayed due to unexpected circumstances from the Seller. In this case, the Seller undertakes the responsibility to immediately contact the Customer and to harmonize the conditions for trade.
6.7. In all cases, the seller will be exempted from liability for violation of the deadline for submission, if the Customer of the item is not present or not present on time due to costumer’s fault or due to seller’s unexpected circumstances.
6.8. Customer has to inform immediately the seller, in case if the shipment has been defected or other types of damages are present on the package, shipment items are not submitted correctly or it’s quantity, incomplete equipment.
6.9.Customer has to notice package damages and inform the courier upon delivery and to record them into delivery document comments or fill in a separate form about those damages. This should be done in the presence of courier. If those actions are not performed the seller is released from responsibility in front of the Customer for any type of damages present on the package upon the shipment, which were not recorded in the courier delivery documentation.
6.10. Customer upon his desire can not change the delivery address when the package is sent. If the delivery place is changed on the personal agreement with the courier or other shipment services, Seller is not responsible for the shipment deadline terms and has the right to charge Customer for additional costs upon willingly changed shipment address to already sent item.

7. Item quality warranty

7.1.The information about every item that can be found on the web shop 3dstikle.lt is stated in the description of each item.
7.2. 3dstikle.lt web shop items images displaced for sales are simulated with the computer and performs a representative function. Item design is unique for every single order.
7.3. Seller for each separate item gives a quality warranty, specific terms and other conditions specified in the descriptions of such item. Other than that, valid warranty, under relevant legislation.

8. Item return and exchanges

8.1. Item return is proceeded according to ongoing Lithuanian Republic laws. Money for the returned item in all cases are transferred to the customer’s bank account.

9. Customer and seller responsibilities

9.1 Customer is responsible for customers provided right data information. If the customer didn’t provide the exact personal data in the registration form, the seller is not responsible for the resulting consequences and is entitled to demand from the customer direct compensations for losses.
9.2. Customer is responsible for actions using the 3dstikle.lt e-shop.
9.3. Registered Customer is responsible for his personal registration login information provided to third parties.
9.4. Seller is released from any kind of responsibility when the loss has occurred, regardless provided recommendations from the seller and costumer’s commitments to get familiar with customer purchase regulations, although such possibility was given.

10. Promotion and information

10.1. Seller upon his view can initiate different types of offers on 3dstikle.lt webshop, 3dstikle.lt can be found on social media Facebook and other type of social information.
10.2.Seller has the right, prior informing the Customer, on his unilateral decision to change the terms of offers or deals, moreover to completely eliminate them.
10.3. Specific conditions for certain actions that are indicated by the Seller and that are appropriate only for these concrete actions are defined in the communicative means of these actions.
10.4. Seller sends all notifications, promotion messages to Customer contact information provided in registration data form. Costumers who are not willing to receive promotion notifications through email or SMS message has to inform us through e-mail 3d@3dstikle.lt or to press on the appropriate link in the letter (refusal is available only for promotion messages received by email).
10.5. Customer sends all questions and notifications to seller’s webshop contact shown phone number or e-mail wise.
10.6. Seller is not responsible if Customer didn’t receive information or letter of acceptance due to network connection, email services problems or seller’s incorrect personal contact data.

11. Final Provisions

11.1. These item purchase regulations are created according to Lithuanian Republic laws and regulations.
11.2. All disputes arising in respect of the enforcement of the rules shall be resolved by negotiation. Failing agreements will be therefore solved in accordance to law's of Lithuanian Republic.

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